JEAN-FRANCOISJean FrancoisThe manager
I will do my best in order to make your stay in Marrakech as pleasant as possible.

julie 2
The owner
Julie opens the doors of her Riad for you and hopes you will appreciate the beauty and the quiet of this authentic residence.

portraitsamira petit
Our chef
You'll never forget her tajines, pastillas and briouates cooked with passion and conviviality. Samira's delicacies will liven up your evenings and make your stay at our Riad a savoury culinary experience.

portraitnadia petit
In charge of cleaning rooms and shared areas
All day long Nadia takes the greatest care in cleaning the Riad.

Rabie petitNight watchman
Rabie is staying all the night in order to deliver friendly service and to ensure your safety.